Ember Queen Bed Frame in Black





Fully upholstered with velvet fabric and diamond , available in black . Quality made and strong bed.


  • Double bed frame 2040L x 1480W x 1360/530H ( head board/foot board )
  • Queen bed frame 2200L x 1640W x 1360/530H ( head board/ foot board )
  • King bed frame 2200L x 1940W x 1360/530H ( head board/foot board )
  • Thickness: head board 80, foot board 80, side rail 40
  • Measurements of other parts :

Sail rail metal supporter 25W x 25D

Central metal supporter 40W x 20D

Central metal support legs 25W x 25D x 240H​​​​


  • Double $529.00
  • ​King $599.00


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